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Easter Egg Gift Box Bundle

Step into a world of sweetness and celebration this Easter with our Easter Egg Gift Box Bundle, a beautifully curated collection that embodies the spirit of springtime festivity. Each element of the bundle has been carefully chosen to offer a blend of traditional Easter joy and the exquisite, artisanal quality of our beloved Microchip Cookies.

What's Included:
  • 1 Signature Jar of Chocolate Candy Crunch Microchip Cookies: Indulge in the rich, textured delight of our Chocolate Candy Crunch Microchip Cookies. Housed in a signature jar, these tiny treats are a symphony of flavors, made from the highest quality ingredients for a truly gourmet experience.
  • 1 Party Favor Cello of Original Chocolate Chip Microchip Cookies with Candies: A playful blend of our Original Chocolate Chip Microchip Cookies, accompanied by colorful candies. This party favor cello is a burst of flavor and fun, perfect for sharing or savoring alone.
  • 1 Party Favor Carrot Egg with Sugar Microchip Cookies: Dive into the sweetness of Easter with our carrot egg filled with sugar Microchip Cookies. Each bite is a reminder of the care and quality that go into our scratch-made, small-batch cookies.
  • 1 Diamond Egg with Original Chocolate Chip Microchip Cookies: Discover the jewel of the bundle with our Diamond Egg, a unique container filled with our beloved Original Chocolate Chip Microchip Cookies. This special addition adds a touch of elegance and surprise to the Easter celebrations.
  • 1 Party Favor Bunny Egg with Original Chocolate Chip Microchip Cookies: Celebrate the season with our bunny egg, adorably themed and filled with Original Chocolate Chip Microchip Cookies. It's a sweet nod to Easter's most iconic symbol, designed to bring joy and delight.
  • 1 Party Favor Eco Pack with Original Chocolate Chip Microchip Cookies: Our Party Favor Eco Pack is filled with original chocolate chip Microchip Cookies.
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