GIFT: Teensy Weensy Microchip Cookies

GIFT: Teensy Weensy Microchip Cookies

Tiny cookies, 1/2-inch in diameter. When we first received them as a gift, we thought: What to do with these? Sprinkle them on ice cream? We’d rather eat one big cookie than fuss with tiny ones.

But we were the minority opinion. Squeals of delight from kids and adults alike. So: Heres a holiday gift that is way different and sure to please.

Since 1984, Julie and Karleen, the J and K of JK Chocolates, have been creating delicious chocolate sauces. What started as homemade teacher gifts evolved into a business, as people asked to buy them year-round.

Over the years, as word circulated about the chocolate sauce flavors, they subsequently developed Microchip Cookies, teensy weensy little bites. To imagine the Chocolate Chip Microchip, think of a chocolate chip covered in just enough cookie dough to bury the chip. It’s a half inch wide.

We received a gift set of two flavors, Chocolate Chip and Pecan Sweeties (like sandies). Our original reaction was, “These are cute, these are tasty, but for the money ($14.75 for a 4.75-ounce jar), we’d just as soon have some standard size cookies.” 

We were the minority opinion. Everyone else oohed and ahhed over them.

So there you have it: a gourmet chocolate chip novelty that delights.

But Chocolate Chip isn’t the only Microchip in town. the line includes:


  • Cheddar Cheesies with Texas Heat
  • Midnight Chocolate Chip
  • Original Chocolate Chip
  • Peanut Butter Chip with Sea Salt
  • Pecan Sweeties
  • Six-Spice Gingersnap
  • White Chocolate Chip Crunch

You can purchase individual jars or gift sets, the latter packaged in a reusable black gift box with a ribbon and a gift card.

In addition to the single jar option, there are numerous other options, some of which are:

  • A four-jar gift box for $56 and a seven-jar box tower for $84
  • A stack of three smaller jars for $26
  • Single flavor tins for $38 and $62
  • Tin towers for $48, $114 and $186

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