About JK

We have been friends since our oldest kids were babies. We would walk together while pregnant and ended up having 4 children each. So with 8 kids between us, and knowing that we would be looking at lots of holiday gifts for teachers, house gifts for parties, and corporate gifts for our husband’s businesses, we decided to try our hand at creating the perfect gifts that were both fabulous tasting and within our budgets. We both love to cook and each of us come from families where cooking played an integral role in our childhoods. So we began experimenting with our family recipes, making changes to enhance flavors, inventing entirely new products and flavors and in the process found our passion.

Nothing makes us happier than being in the kitchen, creating new and unique chocolate sauce flavors. Subsequently, we perfected our unique MICROCHIP® cookies. So after our youngest children left for college and after years of ex-teachers begging us to sell them our chocolate sauces, even though they no longer taught our kids, we decided to start our company and to formally chase our dreams.

Our success has been so fulfilling! We have made many thousands of people happy with our delicious six flavors of chocolate sauces and ten flavors of MICROCHIP® cookies. We have shipped all over the US and beyond. We have heard such wonderful stories of the happiness our products have brought to young and old alike. Our customers have surprised us at the number of ways they have used our chocolate sauces and by the sheer volume of MICROCHIP® cookies we are selling, increasing by the day!

So, welcome to JK Chocolate! We are delighted for you to learn about us and our products. Taste some! And then let us know what you think. We both stand at the ready to hear from you and help you in any way we can.